Dulling spray


Das favorisierte Spray , zum Eingrenzen des Reflexlichts auf polierten Artikel. Fast transparent, kann es in der Farbfotografie, ohne Verschleierung von . FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Zum Warenkorb hinzufügen. rgebnis auf Amazon.

Reflective Surfaces Can Ruin Your Shots. Here Are Some Quick Fixes. Availability : In Stock. Simplifies lighting arrangements. Semi-drying formula wipes off easily.

The original favourite, for cutting flare on polished articles, now improved. Dulling Spray , 4x Neutral Gray – K-Line. Almost transparent, it can be used in colour .

Add to Wishlist loading. Pay per use diffusions and gels are only done in . Specially formulated for the photographic and film industries, these sprays reduce or eliminate reflections and unwanted glare when. Get back, Shop with balance. Amazon Pay balance and get back, up to Rs.

This spray coats items evenly . Temporarily reduces shine and glare when photographing or filming bright objects. Reduces shine for crisp, clear photos and videos. Coats evenly and effectively, reducing shine on items to be photographed or videotaped. Discount prices and promotional sale on all Lens Cleaners.

Mat spray voor in de studio. Wordt gebruikt om glanzende voorwerpen te besprayen met een matte laag zodat reflecties verdwijnen. Set Shop, Photo Backgrounds, Seamless Paper and Expendables from SET . Removes glaring highlights from polished objects to be photographed.

Art Department Supplies. Shake well and spray no farther than 30cm from the object.

More layers can be used if necessary. Unfortunately, metal with dulling spray on it no longer looks brightly polished and may not even look like. K-LINE spray is safe for most . I work in the motion picture industry, I stopped using dulling spray due.

I have found using spray deodorant to be safer and easier to clean off. Also on an object like this the spray can . It is often used to prevent . SKU: DULLINGSPRAY Category: Grips.