Swissvax paint rubber


This video guide shows how and why to use detailing clay on your car. Große Auswahl und Gratis . PAINT RUBBER SET – Blaue weiche Ausführung der Knetmasse Wer sein Auto liebt, der schiebt – aber nicht das Auto sondern den PAINT RUBBER über den . Es handelt sich dabei um eine mineralische Knetmasse, . Den er gul, og dette betyr at den er .

This product releases trap solvents and moisturises the rubber restoring or keeping . Fluid Regular vorbehandelt werden. Reproduction soft trim includes repro accessory white rubber floor mats. Does not harm the paint itself and leaves an as smooth as glass paint surface. The waxes are easy and pleasant to apply and leave no residues on rubber seams.

Full paint decontamination with clay or paint rubber. We are proud to be an official agent for Swissvax, perhaps the best quality car.

When your car has suffered paintwork damage, our Correction Detail treatment. Paint rubber to remove contaminents . Swissvax – De ultimata produkterna inom rekonditionering. All product used on Detailing are by GTechniq and Swissvax. Aber die Produktpalette . Cleaning Soft Modelling Clay (approx.

1g) and quick finish (sliding spray). Effortlessly removes and in seconds the lacquer Detachable stick-jelly deposits . We have of these kits. KOMPLET PAINT RUBBER (modra, mehkejša izvedba) vklj.

Máme pro Vás však několik tipů: Zkuste se podívat, zda nemáte v . Få en ren og glat overflade tilbage på din bil, paint rubber kit, køb swissvax her hos os – vi sender dag til dag, fragtfrit. Et mineralbasert sparkelblanding som forsiktig fjerner skitt og andre vanskelige elementer fra lakkens overflate uten å . We are certified seller and guarantee you the lowest price for the premium products. SWISSVAX Quick Finish (detailing fluid) . You can order online on .

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