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Catalyst SysteBank : Efficiency Below Threshold. Es gibt Fehlercodes, die. Includes why it happens and how to fix your car.

There also is an extensive list . Does this tell me which sensor that the car is having . CATALYST SYSTEM EFFICIENCY BELOW.

Katalysatorsystem Wirkung zu gering VW hatte den . I believe there are two Osensors: one in front and one behind the cat. OSC value smaller than standard value under active air-fuel ratio control ( trip detection logic). Gas leak from exhaust system. To start from the bginning.

Abgaswerte waren OK, hab trotzdem keine Plakette bekommen. Im assuming the cat is bad correct? I got the dreaded check engine light this weekend. Die Motorwarnlampe kommt ca.

I have this code on my Altima. I was told at local shop that its no big deal just to . I know that this means my catalytic converter near the firewall is failing. Если мотор рядный, всегда указывается bank Всё это вам будет. PO410: Secondary Air Injection System Malfunction.

I replaced both Osensors. Generally, I can reset the CEL code . No other Osensor circuit faults active. After some advice on this, my MK2. T AWM with 167miles.

I do my own oil changes with . Слишком низкая производительность катализатора ( bank ) и. Beschreibung Fehlercodes. Is it the Osensor before the CAT or the one after? New problem, engine light comes on, OBDcode reads. We had the check engine light come on.

Took it to the shop to get the codes read. My scan tool says Bank , but does not specify any particular sensor.

Der Motor hat Betriebstemperatur erreicht. Groups site with no firm responses. The ECM compares the two waveforms of the heated . Ive had my computer on it and watched the .