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Effacement is the process by which the cervix prepares for delivery.

Cervical effacement , the thinning of the cervix. English dictionary definition of effacement. Dilatation means that the . Click here to find out more about the first stage of labor, including effacement and dilation.

Französisch Deutsch-Wörterbuch von PONS Online: effacement , effacement du livre foncier, effacement devant au profit de . It is important to note that intrinsic obliteration, for example in the . Medical Definition of Effacement. Quick GuideStages of Pregnancy: 1st, 2n .

Get more pregnancy questions answered at TheBump. Illustration of cervical effacement and dilation. During the first stage of labor, the cervix opens (dilates) and thins out (effaces) to allow the baby to move into the . Among the early signs of labor are effacement and dilation, important changes that occur to the cervix and work together to make it possible for the baby to safely . What can you do to help effacement ? The cervix becomes soft or effaced by the secretion or application of prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are produced by the . Noun (plural effacements) 1. The words effacement , being effaced and effacing are terms that you will hear often as you approach your last trimester.

These terms are used to describe the . Find out everything you need to know about effacement and giving birth. When effacement begins, the cervix begins to feel softer and feels . For each given centimeter of progressive cervical dilation, women were divided into those who had achieved 1 cervical effacement and those who had not. As the baby presses downwar another process will happen, known as effacement.

This process involves softening of the cervix until it is fully . Topic Contents What are effacement and dilatation?

Includes: onset and progression, checking for effacement , measuring effacement , and spontaneous preparation. If you hit your head hard enough, it might cause the effacement of your memory. Around your 37th week of pregnancy your doctor or midwife will begin checking your cervix for effacement , dilation and station.

Many first time as well as. Synonyms for self- effacement at Thesaurus. Dictionary and Word of the Day.